Dependency Injector is available on PyPI. To install the latest version you can use pip:

pip install dependency-injector

Some modules of the Dependency Injector are implemented as C extensions. Dependency Injector is distributed as a pre-compiled wheels. Wheels are available for all supported Python versions on Linux, Windows, and MacOS. Linux distribution uses manylinux.

If there is no appropriate wheel for your environment (Python version and OS) installer will compile the package from sources on your machine. You’ll need a C compiler and Python header files.

To verify the installed version:

>>> import dependency_injector
>>> dependency_injector.__version__


When adding Dependency Injector to pyproject.toml or requirements.txt don’t forget to pin the version to the current major:


The next major version can be incompatible.

All releases are available on the PyPI release history page. Each release has an appropriate tag. The tags are available on the GitHub releases page.